Smoked Chicken wings p/dz
(min 4 dz)
*Armadillo eggs
ea (min 12)
Mini Cornbread w/cowboy butter
Pork & Beef Sliders
Veg tray w/dip
(15-20 people)
Pickle / Cheese Tray
(15-20 people)
*Smoked rib Tips p/lb
(min 4lb)
*Jalapeño Poppers
ea (min 12)
Deviled Eggs
Hand cut Potato Chips w/ranch dip
(15-20 people)
Pimento Cheese w/crackers
(15-20 people)

*Indicates min 3 days notice for ordering*

All of our meats rubs and sauces are prepared in house, they are all gluten free and we do not use any MSG in our facility.
Suggested serving 6-8 oz of protein per person, all meats sold by the pound unless otherwise noted


Pulled Pork
Southern Fried Chicken (4 oz pc)
(min 12 pcs)
Whole Chicken
St Louis Ribs – Full Rack
Smoked Turkey
Special order, market price
Beef Brisket
Pulled Chicken
Sausage (6/package)
Bacon Bomb
each (approx. 20-25 slices per bomb)


We provide our sides in half and full pan options ,1/2 pan serves approx. 15-20, full pan serves 30-40

Half Pan

Full Pan

Carolina Apple Slaw



Double Baked Potato Potato Salad



Smokehouse Pit Beans



Mac & Cheese



Garlic Mashed Potato





Ceasar Salad



Pasta Salad



Mexican Corn and Black Bean salad



Hand Cut Potato Chips



Pickle Tray

$35.75 (20-25 people)

Cheese Tray (assorted cheese)

$32.75 (20-25 people)

Mini Cornbread w/cowboy butter

$18.95 p/dz

Buns – slider

$8.00 p/dz

Bun – Sandwich


Smoked Onion/ Coleslaw Sandwich Topping

$17.95 (approx. 24 servings)


All of our sauces are made in-house and a gluten free and contain no MSG $7.95 per bottle

Terry’s Original

Carolina mustard (vinegar based)

Shine Apple Butter

Shine Raspberry Chipotle

Shine Sour Cherry

Spicy Carolina Honey Mustard



½ Pan – approx. 20 servings


House made Sweet Tea – Gallon - $15.00 (w/solo cups)

House Made Lemonade – Gallon - $17.50 (w/solo cups)

Soft drinks / Water - $2.00 each (canned)


½ Pan – approx. 20 servings

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mississippi Mud Pie

Chocolate Caramel Bread Pudding

Cookies / Brownies - $3.25 per person (min 25 people)

Extra Stuff

Disposable plates and cutlery are included in all orders

Disposable serving tongs/ spoons etc available for $2.00 each

Disposable Chaffing dishes - $20.00 each

Delivery min $45, $1 p/km additional over 10k

On Site Staff, min 2 staff @ $30.00 p/hr, min 4 hr, plus travel

Food Truck service, 2hr service w/2 staff $350.00 + mileage

On site pig roasting, call for pricing

We provide event planning services for any size of event, we have catered to groups in excess of 1200 people, please contact us regarding our services for your event, we would love to work with you to make your event a success

**Pricing does not include GST or gratuity**